Many clients come to a business lawyer for help with a major transaction.  They want to buy or sell a business or the assets of a business (mergers and acquisitions); they want to raise money to expand the business(private placements or offerings); or they may want to finance part of the business (financing); or to lease an asset for the business.


As a transactional attorney, Paul Wigg-Maxwell is ready to get the deal done for you with a minimum of distraction and no unnecessary entanglements.  He will help you put together and negotiate the term sheet and follow up with drafting a document (stock purchase agreement or SPA; asset purchase agreement or APA that clearly sets forth the parties commitments and understandings concerning the transaction.  He is also ready to help you with a joint venture agreement or other business document (loan; note; lease; or facility).
When transactions dont work out, Mr. Wigg-Maxwell is ready to find the right strategy for taking apart the deal, unwinding it, work-outs, buy-outs and other strategies.  Mr. Wigg-Maxwell is skilled at taking the must haves of each partly and breaking them down so that each party understands what may be traded and what cant be traded.