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Thank you for downloading our FATCA Resource Guide!

Check your email a link to the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) Legal Resources to Avoid Penalties and Losing Money!

Thank you for downloading our FATCA white paper!

If you would like additional information about your international income tax situation click here to schedule a Free Case Evaluation with a senior International Tax Attorney.

The IRS will begin Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) audits this year. Falling to comply with new reporting regulations could result in increased tax liability, fines and other penalties!

In more cases your tax professionals can help you navigate the compliance paperwork to ensure your business in ready for a FATCA audit.

Schedule a Free Case Evaluation

If you are not sure how international tax rules impact your business – don’t wait until you receive legal notices from the IRS.

Instead schedule a Free Case Evaluation today with a legal expert with experience to advise you how to avoid costly issues and the knowledge to correct them if it is too late.

call-imgAbout Paul Wigg-Maxwell

Paul Wigg-Maxwell, Esq. is an international tax attorney who designs and defends the most tax efficient strategies for each client.  His specialized knowledge of U.S. and international tax laws allows him to  to design  tax efficient positions with predictive outcomes.

Mr. Wigg-Maxwell represents businesses in the business tax matters controversies and tax litigation.  He is particularly well versed in dealing with involving international or cross border transactions.

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