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Tax Attorney

 Do you have an unusual, complex, critical or expensive tax problem? Paul Wigg-Maxwell has more than 25 years of experience working on difficult tax matters for businesses and for individuals.  Mr. Wigg-Maxwell will give you reliable advice for tax planning; and will guide you through tax audits, tax appeals or represent you at either the federal tax court or New Jersey tax court. He handles collections matters such as a threatened lien or levy; obtaining an installment payment plan; preparing an offer in compromise; a claim for penalty relief; or a request for innocent spouse relief.

Business Tax Issues


Paul Wigg-Maxwell is an experienced business tax lawyer.  He has structured many business acquisitions, sales, and split-ups.  He regularly advises on tax issues such as the preservation or utilization of net operating loss carryovers; like-kind exchanges; executive compensation; choice of business entity; S corporation tax issues; tax lease transactions and provides second opinions on proposals for innovative tax strategies.

Mr. Wigg-Maxwell represents businesses in tax controversies and tax litigation.  He is particularly well versed in dealing with business tax matters involving international or cross border transactions.

Individual Tax Consultation

Retirement, severance, divorce, marriage, death, and relocation each involve major changes in financial matters and frequently raise difficult tax issues.  Mr. Wigg-Maxwell has experience with the tax issues arising in these situations and can help you plan for them and deal with them.

Tax Audits


 Mr. Wigg-Maxwell routinely handles tax audits. His familiarity with the tax law and experience with audits will serve you well in presenting your tax history and records. He can help focus the examiner on the real issues and find solutions to bridge any gaps in the data available for audit. The result is a more efficient audit with issues clearly identified and a strong record for any necessary appeal.  Mr. Wigg-Maxwell also acts as a buffer between the tax return preparer and the IRS.  He reduces the emotional issues and focuses on the facts and the best way for the taxpayer and the IRS to move forward.

    Tax audits often raise issues concerning the facts of the situation and the application of the law to those facts.  Tax research may be necessary and advocacy for the taxpayer’s position is generally required.  It may be necessary to take one or more issues to tax appeals to get a full consideration by the IRS or New Jersey Division of Taxation.  Paul Wigg-Maxwell is frequently involved in tax appeals and has been involved in post appeal filings of tax matters with the Federal Tax Court and the New Jersey Tax Court.


Tax Collections  


    If you owe taxes and cannot pay them, there are procedures for dealing with the problem.  Mr. Wigg-Maxwell has experience with the tax collections process and can help you through it. He can help get the situation out of the crisis mode and into a planned process. He can help you put together the most persuasive case for a reduction in tax and or penalties.  If an installment plan is needed, he can help get a monthly payment that fits your ability to pay.

    Mr. Wigg-Maxwell is familiar with the entire collections process and can help deal with tax returns that have not been filed, tax levies,  tax liens, with working out an offer-in- compromise, or other solution.  If the there is absolutely no way the tax can be paid, he can help get the tax debt declared uncollectible and get the IRS to leave you alone until your financial situation changes.

Tax Services


Paul Wigg-Maxwell provides the following tax services:

  • Audit, Appeals and Tax Litigation Services

  • Private Letter Ruling Requests

  • Tax Planning for Major Business Transactions

  • Tax Planning for Major Life Events

  • Transaction Analyses and Tax Opinions

  • Legal Opinions and Second Opinions

  • Tax Research – Sophisticated and Efficient

  • Installment Payment Agreements

  • Offers in Compromise

  • Innocent Spouse Relief

  • Levy and Lien Removals

  • Collections Due Process Hearings

  • Non Filer Representation

Representative Assignments

  • Private Letter Ruling for IRA Rollover missed deadline (current).

  • Representing former Owner in Sales Tax dispute concerning years after he sold business (current).

  • Sale of S Corporation (Tax Advice)  October 2014.

  • Hedge Fund Tax Planning  November 2014.

  • Federal Tax Audit, November 2014.

  • Corporation Warrants Project, November 2014.

  • New Jersey Tax Audit, Summer 2014

  • Net Operating Loss Preservation for Business Bringing in New Owner Team 2013

If you have an unusual, complex, critical or expensive tax problem, call Paul Wigg-Maxwell today for a free consult.


Tax Attorney


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Oded Hecht
Very good experience. I had some uncommon and large financial situations abroad as a US Citizen. I just wanted to make sure I am going about it legally and wisely. I am a business executive (Harvard B. School), having interacted with many top lawyers worldwide, and working with Paul was a pleasure and a wise choice. Beyond helping me professionally to solidify a winning strategy through his sound knowledge and experience, the interaction was exceptionally forthcoming and pleasant. I would recommend Paul without any hesitation!
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Maria Alexander
Paul is an excellent attorney for small business owners like myself. He will make the appropriate research and make sure that the documents I have are all in working order and official. Paul always responds to phone my calls immediately, and he works fast whenever I need to have documents prepared quickly. His knowledge has helped me steer my business in the right direction and his advice is always on point and concise. I’ve had the pleasure of using Paul’s services for nearly a decade. During this time I had help with drafting and reviewing the following: several lease contracts, employee contracts, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, new client contract/liability waivers, US copyright electronic registrations, independent contractor agreements, website disclosure language, video release forms, and business registrations with the state. Having Paul as an attorney and being able to reach out to him whenever I have an emergency makes me more confident to run my business and I know that if I have a legal problem Paul will be there to help me.
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mathew gajewski
Cool guy, extremely nice and knows his stuff.
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Dan Trolaro
Took the time to listen, ask good questions, and provide good thoughts during initial phone call. Highly recommend giving him a call.
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Mr. Wigg-Maxwell helped me out with a complicated international inheritance tax question. He was quick to respond with a knowledgeable answer. I would happily bring any future tax issues I have to Mr. Wigg-Maxwell for resolution.
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