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Download the FATCA TAX Guide Updated with 2018 Rules

Leverage the resources used by a practicing International tax lawyer!

Save time and avoid costly mistakes with a simple FATCA explanation and access to expert resources.

Leverage the knowledge of a practicing International tax lawyer with over 25 years experience.

You will learn:

  • Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act Explained

  • FATCA Checklist

  • Curated FATCA resources to dig deeper

The IRS will begin Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) audits this year. Failing to comply with new reporting regulations could result in increased tax liability, fines and other penalties.

Get the international tax facts to save time and avoid costly mistakes before it is too late.  

About the Author

Paul Wigg-Maxwell, Esq. is an international tax attorney who designs and defends the most tax efficient strategies for each client.  His specialized knowledge of U.S. and international tax laws allows him to  to design  tax efficient positions with predictive outcomes.

Mr. Wigg-Maxwell represents businesses in the business tax matters controversies and tax litigation.  He is particularly well versed in dealing with involving international or cross border transactions.


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