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CPE Seminar: International Tax Law Changes

CPE Seminar: International Tax Law Changes

Learn Key strategies.   Network In-Person with Faculty & Attendees…
…Earn Educational Credit for Accountants & Attorneys!

This course provides an overview of U.S. tax rules relating to personal and business matters that cross over international boundaries. Learn the time-tested practical tips, techniques and strategies that have addressed International tax challenges of many companies.

When you complete this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Enhance your ability to spot international tax issues.
  • Have answers ready for many common tax questions and issues facing international clients.
  • Understand the changing international tax landscape and the need for international tax services
  • Knowledgeably interview clients to identify  additional tax services
  • Build strong relationships and earn your clients’ trust

Develop a personal roadmap for you and your practice

  • Attract new clients with International Ties
  • Serve clients that require international tax compliance
  • Identify scenarios that require analysis or research into international tax

Earn Educational Credit and Network with Other Tax Professionals!

CPAs – Become more valuable to youf clients by becoming knowledgeable about international taxation.

Attorneys – Update and refresh your understanding of international tax basics.

  •   TBD Fall 2016
  • 8AM – 11: AM
  • Chatham, NJ
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CPE Seminar

  • Fall 2016
  • Chatham, NJ

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paul Wigg-Maxwell, esq.

Who Should Attend

Accountants, CPA Partners Attorneys whose current and future client’s have cross boarder transactions.

Why You Should Attend

Changes to the international tax laws of the U.S. impact a greater percentage of businesses and transactions.  A working knowledge of how international connections affect U.S. tax issue is important.

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